Pinning For Profit - Your Guide To Profitable Affiliate Marketing & Targeted Organic Traffic
When you understand how to use Pinterest the right way for your business, you can quickly and easily create the right visual content that sells, expand your brand’s visibility, and drive exponentially more traffic and sales.

If you are anything like I was, then I am fairly certain you are on this page because any one of the following circumstances may apply:

> You are at a job that is sucking the very life out of you
> You need to earn more income but don't have time for a second job , hell you barely have time to shower!
> You are unable to work outside of the home
> You have been looking for something that is easy to learn and flexible
> You want to promote things that you love and profit from your passion
> You want to start a business but don't want to be tied down to just one specific company, product or service
> You want to build upon a specific niche
> You started a website but have no idea how to get people to visit it or buy from it
> You struggle to build your email list
> You started a blog but are not getting any traffic
> You don't want to have to hit up friends and family members to buy from you or join your downline
> You don't want to spend all day in peoples inboxes , sending the same messages over and over ...
> You just want something that works for you and will continue to grow

Why Pinterest?

  • 25 % Of All Retail Traffic Is Driven By Pinterest
  • 93% Of Pinners Use Pinterest To Search For And Purchase Products
  • ​Pinterest Gets You In Front Of A Targeted Audience Of Hungry Buyers Who Are Looking For Your Product Or Service! 
  • ​Pinterest drives more than twice as much traffic as Facebook, resulting in 27 percent more revenue per click than Facebook
  • ​Additionally , the order value is more than double that of Facebook.
  • ​80 % of Pinners Buy Within 3 Weeks Of Pinning

Affiliate Marketing Made Simple!

I created Pinning For Profit as a way for entrepreneurs to learn how to grow their business online harnessing the power of Pinterest.
It is a comprehensive , learn at your own pace course that teaches you how to use Pinterest the right way to grow your business organically and get in front of your ideal audience...
Complete beginner? No Problem! You are shown step by step how to use Pinterest for your Blog, Business or Affiliate Marketing.
If you need something more extensive , you can also join the live group coaching program or get 1 on 1 coaching that will teach you how to start , grow and scale your business with my proven strategies and automation tools. Join over 1300 other Students.


>Planning Key Words
>Engagement Techniques
>Search Engine Optimization For Pinterest (SEO)
>Revisit Lessons At Any Time
>Earn Back The Cost Of Your Course
>Create Multiple Streams Of Passive Income
>Time Saving Tools & Resources

5 Modules - ​​​​​​​ Work at Your Own Pace.
Plus Bonuses !

Learn how to optomize your Pinterest Profile , Your Board Descriptions and Your Pin Descriptions so that you get in front of the very people who are looking for your product or service! Enabling you to grow your business in a totally organic way & on autopilot!


Learn how to find popular content to pin so you know what to promote! When you learn how to find what is being searched in large volumes on Pinterest, you are able to plan out your content effectively and discover which products are being seached actively by the people looking to purchse! As opposed to other platforms, like Facebook, people on Pinterest are already in a purchasing mindset.

Your Customers Are On Pinterest Looking For You!


Take what you learn from the course and promote it to earn big commissions!

Main Benefits Of The Pinning For Profit Course   

📌Online Community
Private Facebook Group to ask any of your burning questions
📌Extra Bonus Content
Get extra bonus content to help you grow and brand your business.
📌Opportunity For Partnerships
Students will be presented with opportunities for personal partnership with Jennifer Dawn & associated companies.
📌Additional Activities
Participate in challenges for accelerated business growth & income.
Facebook Support is available for all students.

Design Pins That Get Found, Clicked & Lead To Increased Sales!

Earn consistent , passive income by promoting products and services you love!
Perfect For Etsy Stores, Shopify Stores, MLM , Direct Sales , Coaches , Spiritual & Creative Entrepreneurs

Tips For Finding High Performing Keywords
Get In Front Of Your Ideal Audience


Perfect For Busy Moms, Spiritual Entrepreneurs, & Introverts

Create A Low Stress , Passive Income Stream

What you will learn in this course will not only help you grow your own business , it will give you the skills to create multiple streams of passive income! You can create the lifestyle you want promoting products you love or offer Pinterest Services to other business's    

Content Creation

Utilize Pinterest Research Strategies To Find Popular Content To Create

Increased Traffic

Increase Traffic To Your Website, Therefore , Increasing Sales! 

Email Marketing

Build Your Email List Quickly With Pinterest

Pinterest Funnels

Create Pinterest Sales Funnels & Put Your Business On Automation

Simple , Actionable Strategies For Growing Your Business Online With Pinterest

Learn How To Create Pins That Get Clicks, Leads & Sales!

Jennifer Dawn is a Business & Blogging Coach who has over come the challenges of chronic illness & self care as an entrepreneur. She teaches others how to let go of their limited beliefs and start creating the life that they truly desire. A life & business that truly lights you up! She has been published on The Huffington Post, The Mighty & Pinning For Profit was featured in the 2018 Genius Bloggers Toolkit. She has worked with many top brands to create awareness and increase sales on Pinterest.
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